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In August last year I was fortunate to be sent back to Seoul again for a couple of days, incidentally during the London Olympics. Watching the Olympics closing ceremony in Korean in the early hours of the morning through my jetlag, made for interesting viewing! This being my second trip to South Korea in as many months, meant I could get fully accustomed to the fiery kimchi, Korean dance clubs & amazing Korean bbq’s. I stayed in the same hotel as before, in the Gangnam area of the city, and I was bemused to come home to find the explosion of the infamous Gangnam Style Youtube craze over the rest of the summer! Crazy dancing aside, I’ve never been to a city where I’ve felt as safe, and as warmly welcomed as Seoul.

As ever, I’m not allowed to share any photos from the portrait shoots themselves, which are always sadly tied up in confidentiality agreements. But my previous post from June’s trip to Seoul can be seen here, and here are some photographs from my latest wanderings around the city during August’s trip…



All shot on Fuji 400H, 120 film, rated at 200, with a digital night photo sneaked in there too.


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