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Lots of you have been asking lately why a wedding photographer is being sent around the World on photo shoots! I’ve been here there and everywhere over the last few months, and posted some pictures of my travels along the way.

Well, for those of you who don’t know, in addition to photographing some beautiful U.K. and destination weddings each year, I still also work as an editorial photographer. You see, before falling in love with photographing weddings, I worked as a staff photographer for a national press agency, being sent across the U.K. on multiple assignments per day, every day, for the national broadsheets and magazines. As a result, my work has been published in every U.K. national newspaper in the country, with some front pages along the way too. I was also runner-up Times Young Photographer of the Year for two years running, which gave me the courage to go out on my own and work freelance, mostly working for The Times, the Press Association and Grazia Magazine. My Client List has grown a little since then, and I now work for several other publication houses and commercial clients.

The posts you’ve seen this year of my foreign assignments in Tokyo, Beijing, Amsterdam, Berlin & Sydney have been a result of my shoots for Madame Tussauds. I’m one of three photographers who are flown around the World to take photographs of celebrities that they wish to make wax figures of. My job is to fly out to the celebrity, have a pr portrait shoot with them and then a sitting where I photograph them in detail, which the sculptors then use to base their work upon. Needless to say, these pictures are *highly* confidential! As such, I’m obviously not allowed to post any pictures on my blog, or even say who I’ve photographed, for fear of my ruining the big unveiling in a year’s time.

I shall be creating some special blog posts in the coming weeks, featuring some of my editorial work, from Portraits and Sport to the slums in Kolkata. In the meantime, I have an entirely separate website dedicated to the editorial side of my work over at Catherine Mead Photography. Pop over and take a look if you’d like to find out more about what I get up to when I’m not photographing some beautiful weddings each year:


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1 Carms | 01.06.12 at 6:53 pm |

I’m very much looking forward to the big unveil next year. As well as being able to find out which celebrities you photographed in Beijing!

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