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I get asked all of the time how I first got into photography, and when I first developed an interest. Well, I guess this photograph sums it up. Please excuse my very uncool 80s pink snowboots and lunchbox, and well, everything really – I’ve never exactly been the coolest of kids!


God love my Grandad who used to send off my countless films to Bonusprint in those envelope order packs, only to return with lots of photographs of essentially the same thing, despite the despair of my Mum and Gran. I’d subject my classmates in primary school to portraits in the playground (which I still have in boxes in my office by the way, St Mary’s peeps!) back when none of the teachers batted an eyelid to the fact that I had a camera in school.


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1 Emma Woodhouse ~ The Wedding Reporter | 12.30.12 at 3:54 pm |

Love this! Mini geek Catherine is my favourite!

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